I served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps and am a Desert Storm Veteran. After being Honorably discharged from the Corps I went to a car show and met Bob Bond who was giving a weekend airbrush familiarization class (16 hours).  Automotive Airbrush painting was a long time dream of mine, so I participated in the seminar, started practicing a lot and began airbrushing motorcycles and Autos. This later evolved into wall murals and textile art as well.  I have always been drawn to the murals painted on motorcycles back in the 1970's and there fore my art has been categorized by several of my friends as Skull and Crossbones.  I like to design my paintings with several underlying meanings and references, so read the explanations to see what everything means.   

I have many friends and family members which are Police Officers, Firemen and Members of the U.S. Armed Forces. This site, my art and the products sold herein are aimed at showing support for the men and women of our Outstanding country who have dedicated their lives to protecting and serving its citizens. If you are not a Patriot and support our Police and Military, YOU ARE ON THE WRONG WEBSITE! 

Thank you, GOD bless and I hope you enjoy my art and the website.