I wanted something to represent law enforcement that was not as publicly well known as the Thin Blue Line.  When designing the painting for RICK'S PLACE I was thinking the Lion, Hammers & Roman numerals would make a nice Law Enforcement Crest or symbol.  Most individuals not familiar with the profession's symbols and representations will not associate this crest with the career.  If you will, this is my Law Enforcement version of the "Don't Tread on Me" flag.   

Again:   The Lion represents a Law Enforcement Officer.  

             The Hammers depict the importance of Law Enforcement to keep order and safety in the community (HAMMER TIME) and the difficulties officers face from not only the general public, but the media as well. 

             And the Roman numerals "XXVII" are from the Roman Cohorts'/Centurion's (essentially the first police officers) living quarters and represent the long line of history, traditions & loyalty in the profession.