One of our local Police Chiefs approached me to paint a little something onto their exercise room wall as they were renovating the room and wanted me to give it some extra flare.  I asked what he would like.  Beings he knew I painted bikes and was familiar with some of my skull and cross bones type art, he responded with "I don't care, as long as it's not vulgar or gets me sued."  I laughed and said let me see what I can do.  

The department had an old police hat with a Sergeant badge on it which I liked and used for inspiration.  Obviously I incorporated this into the painting.  I replaced the word Sergeant with Police and painted a Thin Blue Line medallion in place of the State of Missouri seal.  I incorporated three different combat pistols as I liked different aspects from each to show a bit more depth and interest where I wanted it.  I am very pleased with the Mural, especially considering this was the first one I have ever done, as was the Chief and the dept.