A friend of mine who was a retired Chicago Police Officer and Adjunct instructor at one of the local Police Academies passed away unexpectedly.  Rick ran the bar scenarios making a unique training experience for the cadets.  He was an unforgettable individual with his own personal flare and for those fortunate enough to have known him, will never be forgotten!!  

This was painted to look like a legitimate bar shirt, but actually represents the Academy's training bar, better known as RICK'S PLACE.

The explanation of the design is as follows:   

     The label  -  The Lion obviously stands for a Law Enforcement Officer.  The hammers are one of Rick's tools he used to cause chaos in the bar.  Rick generally played the bartender/owner of the bar and would hit the bar with a double headed hammer and then point it at people and cuss.  The Roman numeral "XXVII" comes from a graduation speech Rick gave where he talks about this number being engraved over the Roman Centurion's living quarters.  In this speech he explains how they were essentially the first police officers and the brotherhood there within this elite group.  "Danger, wild zone" just describes the bar room environment perfectly created by Rick and his partners.  

     The address  - This was made up by me, but was generated from one of Rick's old badge numbers and his hand written Liquor Licenses which he posted on the wall in the bar.  The city of Independence, MO was used because that is the city where the Academy is located.

     The spilt beer and broken shot glass represent the real life violence Rick was preparing the cadets for.  Rick always liked things that were tough and bad ass which made the barbed wire a perfect choice to boarder the design.  

We miss you brother, Rest in Peace.